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Mr. Dinesh Kurekar

Dinesh Kurekar’s tapestries over the years have become more and more saturated with the essence of life and the surrounding darkness of existence. The tapestries in this exhibition are the result of a journey started from a representational space of enchanting lotus motifs and elements of nature to the realization of abstract forms suspended in space and time. The tapestries may look repetitive at the outset echoing his work in the past but there is a subtle shift from the outward appearance to inward reality of the infinite space.

Kurekar’s tapestries are landscapes where a two dimensional surface and temporal space transforms into an enormous depth and a deep void of the collective unconscious. It is achieved by using a frame within a frame, e. g. vertical rectangle resembling a tapestry or using it as a device to highlight a portion of the spectrum of consciousness visible to us. Sometimes the divide is vertical from top to bottom where the monochrome patches are transmitted into vivid colours creating an illusion of reflection. In other works the sense of perspective is heightened by using different planes at an angle at the bottom in an otherwise flat two dimensional composition. The small strands or patches of colour floating in space become metaphors of the energy or the strands of DNA! The black motifs on a dark blue background in one of the tapestries become fossilized memories of the past.

Kurekar is a perfectionist who envisions a tapestry from its inception on paper, transforms it into an intricate weave of patterns in innovative ways and pays attention to smaller details such as the proper framing and presentation. The creative artist and the master weaver in Kurekar are intricately and inexorably linked and woven together. Kurekar has explored the light either in the form of a glowing sun or through reflected colours on the surfaces in numerous hues and shades floating in space. It is often contrasted by the backdrop of closely related weave of dark and vibrant hues. In today’s virtual world of augmented reality and dizzying speed, the age old art of tapestry is becoming a rarity as it requires a lot of concentration and patience. But when the viewer confronts the tapestries done by weaving masters like Kurekar they cast a spell which lingers in your mind for a longer time. Kurekar has practiced this art for more than thirty five years and has exhibited his work in solo exhibitions. His tapestries are now in the collection of prestigious art galleries, business corporations and individual art collectors.

The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity


- First Class First - Govt. Diploma in Textile Design (Specialization Weaving) from Sir J. J. School of Art Mumbai - 1975

- Advance Study in Traditional & Modern Weaving and Designing from Govt. of India, Weavers Service Centre, Mumbai - 1976

- Art Teacher's Diploma, Nagpur School of Art, Nagpur - 1972


National Exhibition of Art Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi - 1986,87,90,92

Jahangir Art Gallery, Creative Craft of India - 1989

Maharashtra State Art Exhibition, Mumbai - 1991,93,95

Bombay Art Society, Mumbai - 1988

Bombay Art Society, Mumbai - 1989,91,92

Indian Oil Corporation, Mumbai - 1990,92

Chitrakala Parishad, Fine Art exhibition, Bhopal - 1992.

Seminar - Govt. of India, Weaver's Centre, Mumbai - 1982.

Successfully conducted Designing & Vegetable Dyeing workshop at Govt. School of Art Aurangabad Organised by Weaver's Service Centre, Mumbai - 1999.


- Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai - 1993

- Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai - 1995

- Son-Et-Luminer Art Gallery, Mumbai - 1997

- Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai - 1999

- Studio 51 J- Colaba, Art Gallery, Mumbai - 1999

- Hotel Ambassador Ajanta - Aurangabad - 2001

- Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai - 2001

- Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai - 2003

- International trade fair - Maharashtra Pavilion Art Gallery at IITF New Delhi - 2003.

- India Art Gallery Pune - 2004.

- Mumbai port trust - Exhibition on Cruise Vessel

- “ASUKA & SEABOURNE SPIRT” Japan -2005.

- 'Kalahita' Art Foundation, Hyderabad 2006

- 'Benchmark', Wockhardt Research Centre, Aurangabad- 2007

- Museum Art Gallery, Mumbai - 2007

- Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai - 2008

- Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi - March - 2009

- Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai - 2012

- Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai - 2016

- Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai - 2020


- Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai - 1989
- Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai - 1991
- Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai - 1993
- Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai - 1994
- Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai - 1995
- Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai - 1997
- Harmony show, Reliance Industries, Mumbai - 1998
- Harmony show, Reliance Industries, Mumbai - 2000
- Bombay Art Society, Mumbai - 1991
- Bombay Art Society, Mumbai - 1992
- Bombay Art Society, Mumbai - 1995
- Bombay Art Society, Mumbai - 1998
- Vadera Art Gallery - New Delhi - 1998
- Golden Jubilee Exhibition, Jehangir Art Gallery - 2001


- National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi
- Jamshed J. Bhabha. M.D. TATA Sons Ltd., Mumbai
- Tata Consulting Services (TCS), Mumbai
- Mrs. Tina & Anil Ambani - Reliance Industries, Mumbai
- Mr Mofatraj Munot, Chairman
- Kalpataru Construction Overseas Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
- Smt. Rajashri Birla, Aditya Birla Group, Mumbai
- National Centre for Performing Arts, Mumbai
- Taj Group of Hotels, Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai
- Ms. Ratan Pasricha, Pune
- Mr. Sunil Kapoor, Hotel Copper Chimney, Mumbai
- Krishna Mehta, Fashion Designer & Exporter, Mumbai
- Colgate Palmolive India, Aurangabad
- Hotel Leela Kempinski, Mumbai
- Sudha R. Golechha, Mumbai
- Mr. Vivek & Mangala Kilpadi, Pune
- Mr. Chetan Dalal, Director, Premium Foods, Mumbai
- Mr. Ram Bhogle Chairman Nirlep Ind. Pvt. Ltd. Aurangabad
- Indian Oil Corporation, Mumbai
- Smt. Rajani Dandekar - Camlin Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
- Leela Fashion & Exporters, Mumbai
- Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
- Smt. Usha Shah, London
- Hotel Leela Palace, Bangalore
- Mr. Reuben Mark
Chairman & CEO, Colgate Palmolive, America.
- Mr. Jehangir Nicholson, Mumbai.
- Mr. Vim yam Whoorst, Canada.
- Mr. Snehal & Savita Parikh(MD), Lemuir Group, Mumbai
- Mr. Prakash Rathi, Aurangabad
- Mr. Mahendra Sundesha, Fhulchand Exports, Mumbai.
- Mr. Kewalchand Jain (MD), Kewalkiran Clothing Ltd., Mumbai.
- Mr. Ravindra Sapkal, Charman, Sapkal Knowledge Hub.Nasik.
- Mr. Chetan Shah,MD, Ashapura Minechem Ltd,Mumbai.
- Mr. Jimmy Mistry , Architech & MD, Della Tecnica,Mumbai.
- Dr. D. Nageshwar Reddy, Chairman Asian Institute of Gastroenterology, Hyderabad.
- Mr. B.P. Choudhury, Sun Export Pvt Ltd. Mumbai.
- Mr. Sharik Mehta, Mumbai.
- Mr. Sainath Annamwar, Ganray Advertisers, Nanded.


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